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who we are

Our story

The seed of what was to become Studio!Kah was planted in 2011 in a small dorm room in New York City, where the Software Engineer and Educator Alvaro Montoro started developing the URL shortener Kah!me. It was a side project that started everything.

After a move to Austin, Texas, we continued developing educational web apps for ESL and high school Spanish teachers. They were developed using HTML5 and JavaScript, so they could be easy editable and used even when offline.

We also moved to mobile and tablet apps for multiple platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Amazon Fire, webOS... always with an "educational" twist that has become representative of most of our work.

2017 is the year when Textivities, an e-learning platform for language teachers and students, launches. It includes many of the text activities developed through the years for different high schools teachers, and is one of the largest custom developed projects from Studio!Kah.

Our vision

Our focus is on accessibility and web standards, as we consider that the knowledge and opportunities contained in the Internet should be available for everyone.

Because of that, we test our pages to verify that they are valid HTML5, and that they will be displayed and work in a similar way in all the main browsers and platforms. We test our pages with the W3C HTML Validator Tool, and invite you to notify us if you find any error or even warnings.

We use tools like screen readers, color contrast apps, and other utilities like WebAIM Wave, to clean any errors and make all our websites and apps accessible. The result? No accessibility error or alerts in HTML.