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Fast Colors

project overview


Fast Colors is an app that requires a sharp eye and fast reflexes.The target of the game is to clear the board of all the color tiles. The only condition is that you need to do it in a particular order: in each step, you will have to remove a tile of the same color as the bar at the top of the board.

There are two game modes:

  • Arcade mode: the colors will be removed from the panel in order. The next tile color will be the same as the previous one (unless that color was completed).
  • Random mode: the colors will be removed from the panel in random order. the next tile color will change with each click.

You can customize these game modes by selecting different options in the settings menu. You can define:

  • The number of tiles per row.
  • The number of different colors.
  • The color palette used.

The different game modes and settings allow for over 3,000 different game combinations (and many more if we consider the custom palettes!). Some of them are easier, some of them are a little bit more complicated... but what's a game without a challenge?


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